Ian Lithgow, MA, LMFT

Do you feel burdened by relationship conflict, stress, feelings of hopelessness, persistent fears?

You don't have to face these challenges alone.

Healing ourselves and our relationships occurs when we have the guidance and support of a skilled, compassionate witness.

I have had a lifelong interest in human behavior and the transformational power of storytelling, informed by my unique background growing up around the theater, and having worked alongside both performers and healing practitioners around the country.

My passion for counseling work continues to grow as I see clients transcend their suffering and create profound changes in their lives.

Learning to observe with compassion our own interactions, our emotional reactions, and the reactions of those most dear to us, frees us to make clearer choices, to play full out, and to create a joyous, abundant life.

I can think of no greater privilege than to assist you in creating this joyous and fulfilled life.

Therapy sessions can be conducted in person, or via phone or video chat.

People seek my professional services for such issues as:

  • stress and anxiety
  • sadness
  • depression
  • low self-esteem
  • relationship problems
  • life transitions
  • family conflict
  • traumatic events

I have felt more calm, relief, and peace in my life after years of repressing negative emotions without even realizing I was doing so. Ian taught me how to recognize and feel my emotions in a way that brought back the richness of life. For me, I learned that feelings are the true value of life, without them we feel hollow and empty. For the first time, perhaps ever, I have the tools, knowledge, and motivation to experience life more fully, feel engaged with the world, and feel connected to myself. When I came to Ian I was experiencing anxiety, isolation, and deep fear in my relationship, and I didn’t understand why. Over time I learned how to feel, work through these feelings, and understand why they were happening. Since then I’ve learned how to feel my emotions, share these feelings, and have the courage to be vulnerable with others in ways that have allowed me to connect more deeply, have higher quality relationships, and resolve issues that I thought were unresolvable…I truly believe this is the reason I’m in a happy and healthy relationship today.    -A.T.

You created a space that was safe and secure, and that was extremely important to me when I was looking for a therapist. The subjects I talked about in the therapy sessions with you were very scary for me, but I always knew I was in safe hands. I could not have gotten through all the hurt and pain successfully with out your help and guidance. You are a true professional. I am forever grateful for you.  -W.S.

I have been ping ponging between depression and anxiety for over 10 years and slowly developed the unhealthy habit of self medicating to simply cope and function in my daily life. . . . I had pretty much given up hope of not being saddled with the burden of self medicating. Until Saturday, I could not pray it away, meditate it away, nurture it away through nutrition and herbs, I could not talk it away even with skilled psychotherapy. I was exhausted and could not see any clear path back. However, I had the pleasure of a very long drive home after the workshop Saturday night before I reentered my home environment and realized that a very important shift had taken place! It didn't fit into my linear thinking. I could simply "feel" it.

Since then, I have not had the craving, inclination, will or desire to go near my daily unhealthy habit. I have been in a heavy social situation where it would be natural for me to participate and yet I had absolutely no desire and I had a wonderful time. It is quite curious that it is all around me and I feel a very reassuring disconnect with my old patterns.

It's been an incredibly peaceful 5 days and I am so hoping that this comforting new energy resonates with me for a very long time. It has enabled the healing process to begin and has already affected those closest to me.

I am so grateful for your time, patience and the gifts of your wisdom. You have changed my life!

Deepest heartfelt thanks,